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In Post-Moore Law Period, as process nodes continue to shrink and feature sizes and geometries become more complex, sensitivity to contamination during the manufac­turing process has increased significantly. Advanced semiconductor manufacturing requires extremely clean fluid streams thereby driving the need for high-end filtration and purification solutions. Tighter contamination control can significantly improve yield.

Darlly's filtration technology is able to remove particles, impurities, and other pollutants in different key processes. Utilizing the latest membrane and cleanliness technologies, we offer filters and filtration solutions to meet the most critical demands of aggressive acid, base, and cleaning applications.

  • CMP
  • PVD copper plating
  • Wet etch clean
  • Litho
  • Chemical delivery system
  • General filtration
  • Final cleaning and DI water filtration
  • Plating, Etching, Stripper chemicals
  • Chemicals of acid, bases, and solvents (selected applications)
  • FFU, etc.


In the CMP process, products with large particle size range should be filtered, effective particles should be retained for grinding, and large-size particles that may scratch the surface should be removed. In view of the strict particle interception performance of the filter core, as many effective particles should be released as possible to efficiently intercept large-size particles.

Lithography process

With the refinement requirement of the processing line width, the clean control of the product becomes more and more stringent. The precipitation requirement of various pollutants and metal ions puts forward higher requirements for the production of the filter element. Da-li filtration combines with practice to provide high purity products for process upgrading and ensure product quality.

Hvac System

The plant system needs to provide a stable supply of clean chemicals, ultrapure water, and clean process gases throughout the FAB. This puts forward high requirements for the stability and consistency of the filter element used in each section. Darlly Filtration large flow filter element, security filter element, high-precision folding filter element and perfluorinated filter element series provide stable filtration service for factory management system.

Process Technology

During the manufacturing process of flat panel display, the performance of filter products directly affects the quality and yield of finished products. Especially in the high generation line, the problem of filter products will cause large quantities of scrap and loss. Darlly Filtration provides customers with stable and reliable products according to the requirements of each process, analyzes and solves the problems in each process, optimizes the products and reduces the cost.

Power System

The power system needs to work continuously for a long time to provide clean chemicals, ultrapure water, and clean process gases for high-generation plate display manufacturing, which requires high stability of filtration. The filter products of Darlly Filtration provide reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the manufacturing power system of flat panel display.

Electronic chemical

As a key material in semiconductor manufacturing, clean electronic chemicals play a key role in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Various electronic chemicals with different characteristics have different requirements on filtration products, and have strict requirements on the cleanliness and low precipitation of filtration products. Darlly Filtration company USES advanced equipment and technology, strict control of filtration products cleanliness, production of low precipitation, low metal ion products.

Data Stored

In the digital information age, storage media has developed from paper carrier to hard disk, flash memory, U disk, SD card and other new storage media. In order to manufacture portable and large-capacity data storage products, the equipment and process depend on the pollution control and filtration purification technology of each process. Darlly Filtration develops and produces various advanced filtration products and related technologies to meet customers' personalized process and requirements.

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